Creative Writing and Non-Fiction Work

Writing is a challenge. Self-doubt, technical challenges, creative block and time management are just a few of the issues that affect all writers, regardless of experience. Whether you want a single session or the support of a medium or long-term project I can help. See my Coaching page.

Submission Package Appraisal
I assess your first 5000 words, synopsis and covering letter and make suggestions for improvements before you submit to an agent or publisher. Looking to approach an agent with sample chapters? Or have you completed your book’s opening and want to discuss where it might go next? I can give you feedback on your opening chapters synopsis and query letter.
Full Manuscript Assessment and Redraft
I read your whole manuscript and give you a full critique, suggesting its strengths and weaknesses and where you might need to re-draft and improve.
Academic Theses, Dissertations, Essays and Non-Fiction
As above, I am happy to offer a manuscript appraisal and/or you can choose the copy-editing option.
Copy Editing
This is a thorough editing job to identify and correct issues with grammar, syntax, and spelling. Unlike a critique, copy editing identifies grammar, syntax and spelling issues and makes recommendations for (or does) text changes. All work should be submitted via email in a Word file format, which will allow you to ‘track’ and see all recommended changes.

As this is a bespoke service, I will give you a quote after you have submitted an extract of your writing and we have had a discussion about it so I can assess the work entailed.

Submitting Documents

Please use the contact form to submit your first 1000 words for novel manuscript and 500 words for non-fiction theses etc and your synopsis if relevant and arrange a free half hour phone session mentioning available times for me to ring. Uploads of up to 1MB in .doc, .docx, .pages and .pdf format are allowed.

I contacted Sallie Rose to help me with a volume of my poetry – to make it ready for submission to publishers. Sallie has been very encouraging and immensely helpful to me as this is my first time getting ready for publication.

I feel blessed to be able to work with Sallie who has a lot of knowledge and experience with writing. A true professional.

I look forward to working more with Sallie in the future.

D. Curreen - New Zealand